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A Definitive Guide to Recycle Bubble Wrap

This article discusses everything should know about how to correctly recycle bubble wrap — from can it be recycled to how and where you...
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United Airlines to Finance 3.4 Million Gallons of Jet Fuel Made From Trash

United Airlines revealed they have partnered with Nike Inc. and Siemens AG in an “Eco-Skies Alliance" to finance the production of 3.4 million gallons...
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Oil Industry Plans to Return Carbon to the Ground

A carbon capture project led by oil giants in Teesside, UK aims to trap pollutants before they end up in the air.
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Tucson, AZ Makes Steps Toward Being the First City To Implement Zero-Waste Construction

The city of Tucson has begun working with Byfusion, a company that makes block-machines from recycled plastic.
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Let’s Reduce Emissions by Turning Food Waste Into Aviation Fuel

Food waste could become an important resource in producing aviation fuel, according to a recent study.
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Study Finds That Sustainable Crop Can Significantly Reduce Animal Extinction Rate

Researchers are hopeful that if threats to wildlife from crop production are removed, the global risk of extinction could be reduced by 24%.
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New Hydrocracking Technology Is Being Used for Plastic Recycling

Researchers at the University of Delaware have successfully used hydrocracking technology to transform plastic into molecules for jet fuel, diesel, and lubricants.
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Steel Industry Might Soon Go Coal-Less

Europe’s ArcelorMittal, China’s Baowu Steel, and Japan’s Nippon Steel have committed to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050.
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The Different Ways the Beauty Industry Is Going Green

Sustainability is a big thing in the beauty industry today, as companies are adjusting to sustainable practices. Here are several ways on how they're...
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Regenerative Agriculture Gets a Boost From Danone North America

Regenerative agriculture is getting a stronger foothold in the mainstream market, as the Danone North America family of dairy brands sets out to accelerate...
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