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Kentucky’s Coal County Makes A Major Switch To Solar Energy

More authorities are joining the solar energy bandwagon — major solar energy plant investment strategically placed on top of old Kentucky coal mine.
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World’s Largest Coal Port To Be Powered By Renewable Energy

Port of Newcastle, the world’s largest coal port will be fully powered by renewable energy as part of decarbonizing the business by 2040.
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New Plans to Build Coast-to-Coast EV Charging Network

More than 50 power companies in the U.S. have joined forces in a coalition and planning to create a coast-to-coast fast-charging EV network.
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Global Concrete Industry Makes Plans For Carbon Neutrality

Global Concrete and Cement Association announces they plan to become carbon-neutral by 2050, despite projections showing concrete use will grow.
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TransAlta Announces 300MW Clean Energy Project in Oklahoma

TransAlta Corporation announces that it is ready to launch two wind power projects in White Rock Oklahoma generating a total of 300MW electricity.
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Toyota to Build $1.29 BIllion EV Battery Plant

North Carolina will become the home of Toyota’s latest billion-dollar investment in EV battery production.
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New Facility Can Produce 400,000 Pounds of Lab-Grown Meat a Year

A new meat-lab facility in the San Francisco Bay Area could soon be producing earth-friendly, cultivated meat for human use. Lawmakers, do your part....
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SSE Announces £12.5 Billion Investment in Green Energy

SSE announces plans to invest billions in green power and refuses to give up the green energy part of the company business.
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High-Carbon Industries Recognize Decarbonization Routes

Corporate leaders of aviation, steel, and shipping are making commitments to decarbonize the most carbon-intensive secrets. Policymakers need to follow.
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Best Early Black Friday Deals of 2021: Taking the Eco-Friendly Route

Say “No” to senseless shopping and use Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday sales to make your lifestyle more sustainable with earth-friendly products. ...
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