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The Different Ways the Beauty Industry Is Going Green

Sustainability is a big thing in the beauty industry today, as companies are adjusting to sustainable practices. Here are several ways on how they're...
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Regenerative Agriculture Gets a Boost From Danone North America

Regenerative agriculture is getting a stronger foothold in the mainstream market, as the Danone North America family of dairy brands sets out to accelerate...
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4 Solutions for Cutting Emissions From Industrial Zones

According to the World Economic Forum, the framework developed for reducing emissions in industrial clusters has four solutions that can help countries meet their...
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Michelin Partners With French Startup NEOLINE To Promote Carbon-Free Shipping

The Michelin Group has signed a transport commitment with NEOLINE, a French startup that specializes in decarbonized shipping services.
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Unemployed Texas Oil Workers Pursue Jobs In Growing Solar Industry

The booming Texas solar industry is becoming a safe haven for oil and gas professionals who found themselves unemployed amidst the recent oil and...
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Carbon-Smart Farming Can Help Us Change The Way America Eats

The potential of regenerative agriculture to act as a carbon sink drives millions of corporate and investor dollars into soil-climate projects.
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End Of Diesel Looms As Automakers Speed To Electric Future

Demand for diesel cars has dropped after a 2015 pollution scandal, while tougher EU regulations on emissions limits are driving automakers to make more...
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General Motors Targets Carbon Neutrality by 2040

General Motors has announced a goal to become carbon neutral by 2040. As an interim goal, the company aims to eliminate gas-powered vehicles by...
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First Hydrogen-Fueled Flight A Success

A company called ZeroAvia has successfully launched its first hydrogen-fueled aircraft capable of carrying six people.
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Oxford Scientists Created Carbon-Neutral Fuel Using CO2

A team of researchers at the University of Oxford has revealed a cost-effective and efficient process of producing jet fuel from carbon dioxide.
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