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Tube TV Disposal: How Can You Dispose of and Recycle Your CRT TV?

Old CRT TVs are full of toxic substances, which makes it incredibly important that you dispose of them properly. We'll show you how you...
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IKEA Will Buy Back Its Old Furniture From You

IKEA decides to make its buyback program permanent in 37 US stores. The plan is to make 100% new furniture from recycled and reused...
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Ridiculously Practical Ways to Recycle Books

Are you looking to get rid of some old books but don’t know where to start? Here are the best ways to recycle them.
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EU Takes Steps to Limit Fast Fashion

EU announces new rules for mandatory recycling of textiles. They want to stop the throwaway "fast fashion" culture.
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Monitor Recycling Guide: How to Recycle Computer Monitors?

One of the largest recycling problems faced by most countries comes down to the sheer volume of computer electronics that are obsolete and outdated....
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Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling: The Complete Guide

Many of our gadgets and electronics run on lithium-ion batteries, but most people don't know how to dispose of them safely once those gadgets...
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Thai Startup to Turn Textile Scraps Into New Clothes

A startup in Thailand is making a showcase of the successful circular economy. Moreloop helps designers buy fabric straps and turn them into new...
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‘Community’ Cardboard Shredding in Hawaii is Making a Change

Paper and cardboard shredding is helping businesses and individuals. A Hawaii business has shredded 22,200 pounds and contributed to less methane emission.
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Microwave Recycling: How to Dispose of Your Microwave Oven?

E-waste is currently the fastest growing type of municipal waste in America. But how to get rid of a microwave? Is there an alternative...
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Scientific Breakthrough For Plastic Recycling

Scientists at the University of North Carolina invented a new way to recycle plastic that will convert recycled plastic to more durable material.
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