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Halfway to Zero: U.S. Power Sector Kills 52% of Carbon Emissions

New research from the Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory found that the U.S. power sector cut carbon emissions by 52% between 2005...
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Can the Saguaro Cactus Be a Carbon-Eating Machine? You Bet.

Saguaro cactuses are not just an icon of the Southwest deserts — they are a powerful asset in fighting global warming.
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Nine Ways of Tackling Climate Change: Biden’s $2 Trillion Plan Explained

In his “American Jobs Plan,” Biden aims to address climate change by wrapping the investments in a federal spending package that will appeal to...
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US States Use Cloud Seeding to ‘Make Rain’

Three-quarters of the US west are experiencing a seemingly ceaseless drought, so several states have decided to take out the big guns — to...
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New Age of Sail Promises To Cut Massive Shipping Carbon Emissions

Wind is about to make a huge comeback in shipping, with a number of experimental sail designs like hard sails, rotating vertical cylinders, and...
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US Weather Model Gets Better at Forecasting Extreme Events

The National Weather Service has upgraded its lagging forecast model to better predict extreme weather events such as blizzards, downpours, and hurricanes.
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4 Solutions for Cutting Emissions From Industrial Zones

According to the World Economic Forum, the framework developed for reducing emissions in industrial clusters has four solutions that can help countries meet their...
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This Super Plant Could Help Filter Pollution on Busy Roads

The UK’s Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) has identified a potential “super plant” that could change the game in absorbing emissions from heavy traffic.
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Sunrise Movement Campaigns To Fight Climate Change With Guaranteed Jobs

The Sunrise Movement has launched its “Good Jobs for All” campaign, hoping that new jobs will put the country on a path towards a...
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Big Investors Push Leading Companies to Plan for Climate Change

Some of the most influential shareholders of Fortune 500 corporations are pushing for businesses to respond to climate change.
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