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Facebook Announces Plans to Become “Water Positive”

Facebook plans to become water positive by 2030. They aim to return more water to the environment than the company consumes.
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Adding Rock Dust to Soil Helps It Soak and Trap More Carbon

New research at home and abroad shows that dusting crops with finely ground rock dust helps soil trap carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.
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British Airways Reveals Plans to Become More Sustainable

British Airways commits to using sustainable aviation fuel during the COP26 climate change summit. It will reduce carbon emissions by up to 80%.
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Biogas From Hog Waste: A Green Bonanza or Hogwash?

Is there a clean and environmentally acceptable way of turning animal farm waste into biogas without turning the whole region into a stink country?
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Logitech Plans to Achieve Carbon Neutrality

Logitech announces a climate-positive approach and plans to be carbon neutral by the end of 2021 with their Reduce, Renew, Restore Strategy.
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The “Olympic Forest” Project is Building Africa’s Great Green Wall

The International Olympic Committee is collaborating with Tree Aid to build the Great Green Wall in Africa with the aim of greenifying the Sahel...
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EPA Plans to Pass Stricter Rules on How Power Plants Dispose of Wastewater

0 shares Share 0 Tweet 0 Pin 0 Share 0 The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently announced they are starting a new rulemaking...
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How to Fireproof Your House from Wildfires? The Wrath of Climate Change

Both the number and size of wildfires in California are at an all-time record high in history. Let's find out how fireproof your house...
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Greenland Government Stops Oil And Gas Exploration

The new government of Greenland had heavily campaigned on ending oil and gas exploration contracts and has now taken drastic steps to fight climate...
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New Zealand to Ban Common Single-Use Plastic by 2025

New Zealand aims to justify its green reputation by announcing a ban on single-use plastics. This includes cotton buds, straws, bags, fruit labels, and...
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