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The ‘Mount Recyclemore’ of G7 Leaders Is Ready For the Cornwall Summit

An imposing sculpture of G7 leaders shaped like Mount Rushmore but made of electronic waste has been erected in Cornwall awaiting the G7 Summit.
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California Recycling Operations Receive Large Boosts in Grants

California has issued over $10 million in grants to local recycling firms.
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New Hydrocracking Technology Is Being Used for Plastic Recycling

Researchers at the University of Delaware have successfully used hydrocracking technology to transform plastic into molecules for jet fuel, diesel, and lubricants.
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LG Electronics Leads the Way in Responsible Recycling

The EPA has recently recognized LG for the role the company has played in innovating and finding better approaches for dealing with end-of-life and...
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Lowering Electronic Waste With Right to Repair

In 2020, the European Parliament voted for mandatory repairability scores and several other initiatives to extend the life of consumer electronics.
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Scientists Develop Clever Ways To Recycle Wind Turbines

Have you ever wondered what happens to wind turbines and their blades when they reach the end of their productive life?
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Canadian Scientist Makes Plastic Recycling Easier With Microwaves

Who would have thought that the technology that is one of the most convenient kitchen appliances could make plastic recycling so much more efficient?
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Project Brings Light to Communities While Dealing With Plastic Waste

Liter of Light’s provides light to low-income households with an upcycling strategy that uses plastic waste.
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Coffee Waste Creates Breakthrough for Costa Rican Reforestation Project

Researchers at a rainforest reforestation project in Costa Rica have made a breakthrough discovery that could significantly speed up the recovery process for such...
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LA’s Magic Johnson Park Now Has a Stormwater Recycling System

The 126-acre Magic Johnson Park has recently undergone a sustainable renovation. One of the updates is a stormwater capture and recycling system.
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