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KADA Celebrates Women Empowerment with Sustainable Clothing

KADA, a Boston-based clothing company, makes a statement against the wasteful practices in the fashion industry with sustainability and women empowerment.
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TV Recycling – Find All The Eco-Friendly Recycling Options

Are you planning to change your aging TV with a brand new 70" OLED one? Great! But don't forget to recycle your old TV...
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Shoe Recycling Guide: Recycle Your Footwear Responsibly

Find the best ways to get rid of your old shoes. I’ll talk about shoe donation ideas and shoe recycling places, as well as...
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Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak Supports Right-To-Repair Movement

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak published a new video that clears his stand supporting the right-to-repair movement, despite Apple’s questionable practices.
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Biden Issues Executive Order Prompting Right-to-Repair

Biden announced new executive order pointing towards FTC to make rules on right-to-repair. FTC will start looking at repair restrictions that may violate antitrust...
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UK Government Introduces Laws To Force Right To Repair Appliances

From this year on, people in the UK shopping for appliances will gain a lot of power over manufacturers with new right-to-repair laws being...
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How To Dispose Of A Washer And Dryer In An Eco-Friendly Way?

Find out why it’s critical that you dispose of your old washing machine and dryer through an approved recycling program and where to find...
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A Definitive Guide to Recycle Bubble Wrap

This article discusses everything should know about how to correctly recycle bubble wrap — from can it be recycled to how and where you...
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A New Zealand Company Uses Microorganisms to Mine Gold From Electronics

A New Zealand company, Mint Innovation, has found a way to extract gold and other precious metals from e-waste that’s better for the environment.
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Michigan Collaboration Introduces Large Scale Recycling Economy

Lawmakers and the chamber of commerce in Michigan have joined forces and announced a bold new plan to completely rethink and massively boost the...
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