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Carbon Fiber Technology Could Be Going Fossil Fuel Free

Carbon Fiber Technology Could Be Going Fossil Fuel Free

Carbon fiber is one of the strongest man-made materials, and it’s also incredibly lightweight. That’s what makes it an excellent material for vehicles and planes, but up until now, it has still been very reliant on fossil fuels. 

WebForum had a recent report that highlighted what is so special about this material. 

“Carbon fibre is widely used to create aircraft and cars as well as high-performance products including bicycles, tennis rackets and wind turbines. It is extremely lightweight, meaning that it can significantly improve performance and reduce energy requirements.”

But there is a downside in the financial cost and a huge amount of energy that makes carbon fiber less than a sustainable and green material. 

But that could be about to change. Scientists are working on a solution that uses a biomaterial called lignin from plants to turn it into carbon fibers. This could end up making a huge difference to the green EV market.

The lighter vehicles become while still providing the same level of strength as steel, the longer the battery ranges will become. Biocarbon fiber is also expected to become much cheaper, and if it finds a mass market, then economies of scale should drive prices down even further. 

The airline industry has already set its eyes on the potential of this as a cost-effective solution to make aircrafts lighter and more stable, which is something that could make air travel a lot more environmentally friendly.

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