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Boost for Biodiversity in England’s Southern Coastal Waters

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It shouldn’t come as a surprise that many fishing practices are causing devastating damage to marine life and ecosystems. But new bylaws in England have introduced a trawler fishing ban in the coastal waters off Sussex.

The area will cover 100 square miles, and the ban aims to make sure that a once vast kelp forest on the seabed can be restored.

One of the major proponents of the bylaw was David Attenborough, and it seems like his prominent voice made quite a difference on lawmakers.

The Guardian has reported about the two main reasons why these kelp forests are so important.

“The long seaweeds that grow in forests in the coastal sea provide a vital habitat, feeding ground and nursery for seahorses, cuttlefish, lobster, sea bream and bass, increasing both wildlife and commercial stocks

The kelp forests can also lock up huge amounts of carbon in the fight against climate change, improve water quality and reduce coastal erosion by absorbing the power of the waves.”

These kelp forests used to stretch almost 3 miles out to sea and all along the coastline, but fishing, dredging, and storm damage have caused serious issues. 

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