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UK Government Will Pay Framers to Rewild Their Lands

Samira Tasneem

January 7, 2022
UK Government Will Pay Framers to Rewild Their Lands

The government of the UK once again has broadened its plans to rewild the land. This time, the government plans to launch several large-scale nature recovery projects, each covering 500 to 5000 hectares of land. 

According to The Guardian, the UK government has invited bids for 10-15 pilot projects with the aim to rewild at least 10,0000 hectares of land in the first two-year pilot phase. The primary goal of this rewilding project would be to improve the quality of life of the flora, fauna, and water streams in the country. 

The final decision regarding the exact budget amount is yet to be finalized. Some sources estimate that the project would get £700 million to £800 million a year by 2028. And, the final goal is to bring 300,000 hectares of land under the landscape recovery project by 2042. 

“We want to see profitable farm businesses producing nutritious food and underpinning a growing rural economy, where nature is recovering and people have better access to it. Through our new schemes, we are going to work with farmers and land managers to halt the decline in species, reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, increase woodland, improve water and air quality and create more space for nature.”

George Eustice, the secretary of state for environment, food, and rural affairs

Government ministers also have plans to empower local small farmers with subsidies to encourage tree-plantation projects, restoration of various forms of landscapes, and offer more habitable lands for the wildlife.  

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