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21 Sustainable Bloggers You Should Definitely Follow in 2021

Joseph Hallas

July 26, 2020
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48% of US consumers say that they’re ready to start changing their habits in order to save the environment. That’s basically half of all consumers in the US.

But where do you start?

For a lot of people who want to live a sustainable green lifestyle, environmentalist blogs are a great place to get inspired. Environmental bloggers share blogs, how-tos, photos, videos, and guides about sustainable living from their unique perspective.

Here I’ve rounded up 21 environmental blogs, whether they’re focused on environmentally friendly life choices, ethical fashion, growing food, eco-friendly products or simply reducing your impact on climate change.

Let’s get to it.

21 Blogs from Top Sustainable Bloggers

1. Treehugger

Founded by entrepreneur and eco-advocate Graham Hill back in 2004, Treehugger is now the world’s #1 information website about mainstream sustainability.

This site gathers over 120 million readers each year, which is astonishing, to say the least.

Treehugger has many practical everyday tips, such as eating edible garden weeds or finding 19 clever uses for spare rubber bands.

It’s about everyday environmentalism you can sink your teeth into.

Graham Hill the Treehugger sustainability blog founder

Graham Hill (Source: Treehugger)

Some eco blogs can get a little preachy or self-righteous at times, but TreeHugger is opposed to any kind of self-important “I’m better than you” writing, instead embracing new people who want to learn more.

They’re also really good at holding “greenwashed” companies accountable for their actions, which we’re all here for!

2. Inhabitat

Jill Fehrenbacher a sustainable blogger

Jill Fehrenbacher (Source: Inhabitat)

Inhabitat is a green design and lifestyle blog founded in 2005 by eco-conscious designer Jill Fehrenbacher. The blog is based around the concept of eco-friendly design, whether that’s buildings, t-shirts, products, or anything else.

A long-standing environmentalist blog with an army of loyal followers, Inhabitat has positioned itself as one of the leading voices on sustainable design.

3. Eartheasy

Focused on green living, growing produce and gardening, Eartheasy is the brainchild of Greg Seaman.

Greg is an environmental activist who started living a sustainable lifestyle in the 1970s. This was when he and his family moved to a remote island in the Pacific Northwest with no electricity or services. After 3 decades of living sustainably, he started this blog in 2000.

Eartheasy is divided into subcategories depending on your interests, so you can find exactly what you’re looking for.

Greg Seaman an eco friendly blogger

Greg Seaman (Source: Eartheasy)

Article sections include Health and Wellness, Science and Technology, and Off-Grid and Preparedness. He also has multiple Guides divided into Eat, Play, Wear, Live Grow, Move, and Give. 

Aside from actionable blog posts, they also offer sustainable products at reasonable prices on their website.

4. The Good Trade

The Good Trade an eco friendly beauty blog

Source: The Good Trade

Started in Los Angeles back in 2014, The Good Trade is all about sustainable slow living, which might be right up your street.

Most of the articles on this website are focused on beauty wellness and glamor, giving you the skinny on eco-friendly perfumes, clothes, makeup, shampoos, and more.

Though the heart and soul of The Good Trade is all about living a sustainable life, this blog hasn’t lost sight of being entertaining.

They talk about various fun and important topics, including love and self-care, which helps to make their website balanced and well-rounded.

5. Zero Waste Home

Zero Waste Home is all about simplifying your life in a sustainable way. The book that the blog is based on has been translated into over 25 languages and is a staple of sustainable lifestyle enthusiasts from around the world. The author of the book and the curator of this blog, Bea Johnson, was born in France before moving to California to help promote her zero-waste lifestyle and perform inspirational talks.

The blog is full of interesting guides and articles about sustainability, and you can even buy a wide range of sustainable products there. From natural soaps to kitchen towels and water-soluble crayons, there’s a little something for everyone on there.

Bea Johnson a zero waste lifestyle writer

Bea Johnson (Source: Zero Waste Home)

6. Trash Is For Tossers

Lauren Singer a sustainability living blogger

Lauren Singer (Source: Trash Is For Tossers)

Featured on BBC and Vogue, this blog was started by Lauren Singer, the Founder and CEO of Package Free. Lauren has kept all the trash she’s been unable to reuse or recycle in the past 8 years... which fits into a 16 oz. mason jar.


The Trash Is For Tossers blog is filled with guides, how-tos, recipes, talks, and popular YouTube videos created by Lauren and co. to help people like you find ways to live more sustainably.

You can also just use it to check out her sustainable style, which I really really like. Werk that ethical fashion.

7. Going Zero Waste

Created by Kathryn Kellogg from the San Francisco Bay Area, Going Zero Waste is a modern and well-designed blog that’s all about — you guessed it — going zero waste.

Kathryn started the blog after getting a breast cancer scare and wondering about all the toxic non-natural products she was putting into her body.

As such, she now writes and posts about sustainable natural products. She also has many fun quick-read articles on the blog like “10 easy swaps for a plastic-free July” and “8 ways to save money on your water bill.”

Kathryn Kellogg smiling

Kathryn Kellogg (Source: Going Zero Waste)

If you want to improve your self-care while shunning harmful fast fashion and industry practices, then this is the sustainability blog for you.

I started my blog to help others improve their personal health, improve the health of the planet, and most importantly I wanted everyone to know their choices matter.

Kathryn Kellogg, Founder of and Author of 101 Ways to Go Zero Waste

8. Global Green

An American affiliate of Green Cross International, the Global Green blog has been going for over 20 years, influencing $20 billion worth of building construction in the US.

The US blog has lots of green topics about reducing your waste, finding greener ways to travel, and creating eco-friendly workspaces.

9. Insteading

A delightful play on the words “instead” and “homesteading,” Insteading is a sustainable living blog with over 1,500 free blog articles and resources on homesteading and self-sufficiency in the modern world.

Founded by Kane and Kristina Johnson after moving to their Seattle homestead in 2011, this unique blog focuses on topics like gardening, composting, farming, upcycling, and building tiny houses off the grid.

Personally, I love anything tiny house related.

Kristina and Kane Jamison in white shirts

Kane and Kristina Johnson (Source: Insteading)

10. Eluxe Magazine

Chere Di Boscio in a red shirt

Chere Di Boscio (Source: Eluxe Magazine)

I love Eluxe Magazine. This blog is focused on being sustainably chic with ethical fashion beauty and wellness products that you can incorporate into your life every day.

From sustainable wedding dresses to coffee-based beauty products, there’s a little bit of everything to feed your inner bougie queen.

Based in London and founded by Chere Di Boscio, Eluxe showcases sustainable fashion brands, reviews eco-friendly spa resorts, checks out luxurious sustainable interior design, and helps you arrange sustainably chic no-fly vacations.

11. Shelburne Farms

Based on a 1,400-acre farm in Vermont, Shelburne Farms is a working farm that promotes sustainable living. The farm’s blog has tons of information about farming, growing vegetables, composting, recipes, and a lot more. If you hadn’t guessed, this blog is largely based around food!

If you want to buy some of the farm’s produce, there is a shop page where you can order cheese, maple syrup, organic meats, gift packages, and a lot more.

12. Eco Warrior Princess

Jennifer Nini in a polka dot dress

Jennifer Nini (Source: Eco Warrior Princess)

Eco Warrior Princess was founded in 2010 by Jennifer Nini, an activist and certified organic farm owner. On the website, she talks about environmentalism and feminism in blunt, no-bullcrap ways. The whole website is very professional and her dry style of writing makes boring ethical living blogs seem much more entertaining!

As well as sustainable living, Jennifer is dedicated to equality and social justice, helping to lift up other women with sustainability blogs and companies.

I want to inspire people to think critically and to motivate them to take action to make this world a better, kinder, fairer and greener place.

Jennifer Nini, Founder of Eco Warrior Princess

13. Small Footprint Family

As you may have guessed, this blog is all about reducing your carbon footprint through your lifestyle choices. Started by Dawn, a writer and small business owner, Small Footprint Family features blogs dedicated to natural remedies, non-toxic home items, nutrition, recipes, growing produce, and more.

There are many niche topics to dive into here, and SFF even has a YouTube channel where they make listicle-style videos about healthy living and an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Dawn herself is an expert in stormwater management, sustainable landscaping, tree care, and urban agriculture — she’s somewhat of a green living expert if you ask us.

14. Green Living Ideas

Green Living Ideas was founded by Scott Cooney, a five-time entrepreneur and Founder/CEO of Pono Home, a company all about energy efficiency. In fact, there’s a whole Green Living Ideas book that talks about reducing energy bills and living a healthier lifestyle.

Reflecting the book, GLI’s blogs usually revolve around topics like energy efficiency, home renovations, and air quality improvement systems. Basically, it’s all about living a happy, healthy life that’s as green as possible.

15. Reading My Tea Leaves

Created by writer and photographer Erin Boyle, Reading My Tea Leaves is full of Instagram and Pinterest-friendly projects for the modern sustainability nerd who wants to make a difference and have fun doing it. Erin interweaves stories about her personal life into her sustainable living blogs and product reviews, helping to keep things fun and engaging to read.

Erin got into sustainability after moving into a tiny apartment and realizing the importance of minimalism in her life. She has posted many fun DIY projects using sustainable materials, showing loyal readers how to make sustainable baby mobiles, basketball hoops, and more.

Yep, there’s a bit of everything with this one. You can even make candy from old orange peel, apparently.

16. Onya

Started by Jon Broussan back in 2004, Onya is an eco-friendly company selling sustainable shopping bags, coffee cups, lunch wraps, tote bags, backpacks, drink bottles, and much more! As well as selling various sustainable products, Jon updates the Onya website with blogs about living a sustainable lifestyle.

On the Onya blog, you’ll find fun articles about food storage tips, zero-waste parties, sustainable living products, and more.

17. Frugally Sustainable

While we love sustainability, we also love not being poor. Living a sustainable lifestyle can be very expensive sometimes, but Frugally Sustainable is all about living a sustainable lifestyle without breaking the bank in the process.

Finally one can be sustainably chic without taking out a second mortgage.

Founder Andrea describes herself as a “nature-loving tree-hugging hippie” and her website has turned into a mecca of inspiration if you’re into homesteading, natural living, food growing, and DIY projects. It’s all about being sustainable on the cheap, which I’m certainly a big fan of.

Check out more of her frugally sustainable guides not only on her blog but also on her Instagram!

18. Attainable Sustainable

Kris Bordessa, a freelance writer, first started working toward a self-reliant sustainable lifestyle back in 2011. After growing up on an apple farm in Northern California, Kris is now based in Hawaii. She has written a book in collaboration with National Geographic all about sustainable living, and her Attainable Sustainable blog contains even more of her personal wisdom.

The blog sections are divided into Eat, Make, Clean, Grow, Farm, and Trek, giving you a ton of different guides and how-tos to explore in your mission to live a more sustainable life every day. Living sustainable can indeed be attainable!

19. Green Living AZ Magazine

Green Living AZ, as the name suggests, is a green living magazine based in Arizona, United States. This sustainability blog is dedicated to educating, empowering, and inspiring readers to live a positive eco lifestyle.

The site has dedicated sections on living green, working green, and playing green, so you can find sustainable living tips for all different facets of your professional and personal life. From sustainable fashion to reducing your carbon footprint on US road trips, there’s a bit of something for every eco warrior.

20. Treading My Own Path

Australia-based Lindsay Miles has been giving talks on Zero Waste and “Near-O Waste” since 2013. Now she runs a brilliant sustainable living blog called Treading My Own Path where she shares guides and how-tos on stuff like freezing food in glass jars, garden renovations, growing vegetables, and much more.

Lindsay has a very punchy and witty way of writing, setting her apart from many sustainability bloggers in this space. Mostly focused on food and composting, TMOP is a fun resource if you want to get environmental tips from a naturally gifted writer.

21. My Zero Waste

My Zero Waste is a brilliant resource started by Mr. and Mrs. Green back in 2004. This small sustainability blog has been updated nearly every day for over 15 years now, with the Green family building a dedicated fan base in that time.

The informative articles on this blog talk about reducing food wastage, scrapping old cars and furnishing your home with recycled materials and furniture. The Greens have been setting the standard for eco-warrior bloggers with their humble lo-fi blog for many years now.


We hope you enjoyed this list of the best sustainable living bloggers of 2020. From slow fashion beauty tips to homesteading and DIY projects, there are tons blogs that can teach you to live a more sustainable lifestyle that benefits your physical and mental health while also reducing stress on the environment.

It doesn’t have to be boring and drab!

So, whether you’re a fashionista disrupting the garment industry or a homesteader growing your own lettuces, there’s a blog out there for you. I and the GreenCitizen team are discovering exciting new blogs every day, so watch this space for updates on more amazing sustainability blogs.

Have fun and remember to live green! 

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