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The ‘Wilder Marches’ project, bridging Wales and England, focuses on restoring habitats and protecting diverse species along the border.

A new initiative, 'Wilder Marches,' has been launched between Wales and England. It aims to combat the impacts of intensive farming and forestry. Wildlife trusts in Montgomeryshire, Radnorshire, Shropshire, and Herefordshire are leading the project. They focus on about 247,000 acres across the Welsh-English border.

This area includes key rivers like the Lugg and Teme. It's rich in rural communities and diverse landscapes. The project's goal is to protect species such as freshwater pearl mussels, pine marten, and curlew. The region features woodlands, heathlands, peatlands, and flower-rich meadows.

Iolo Williams, a renowned wildlife TV presenter and vice-president of The Wildlife Trusts, expressed his enthusiasm for the project. "I adore the Marches and this exciting new project presents a fantastic opportunity to restore this once abundant landscape along the Welsh-English border," he said.

'Habitat creation and restoration are central to 'Wilder Marches.' This approach aims to reduce flooding and improve water quality. The challenge involves transforming intensively farmed and forested areas. Collaboration with farmers and landowners is essential for success.

Regenerative farming practices are being promoted. These include conservation grazing and sustainable local food production. Farm subsidy reforms could offer new business opportunities.

The project also addresses the loss of species like the nightingale and corn bunting. "Wilder Marches gives us a vision to help nature in crisis," Williams urged, emphasizing the importance of this initiative for biodiversity conservation.

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