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US Department of Energy Announces $60M For Environmental Projects

The Department of Energy in America has announced that it will make $60 million available for a total of 30 different projects for industry, university, and national lab research projects. 

The main goal is to provide funding for projects that will help to decarbonize the American economy, especially industrial production. 

With the White House setting a goal of becoming carbon-neutral by 2050, it’s these types of projects that will become essential to achieve that goal.

The Environmental Leader had some details on why the industrial sector was being targeted. 

“In 2021, the industrial sector accounted for one third of all domestic greenhouse gas emissions. The selected projects will focus on innovations that can help achieve cleaner and more efficient manufacturing and give rise to the next generation of manufacturing processes for clean energy technologies.”

The focus will be on manufacturing processes, raw materials processing, and more efficient energy supply systems that can be scaled to industrial levels. 

It’s another funding boost in a long line of such projects that have seen billions of dollars fed into thousands of projects that are working on dealing with the climate crisis. And these government investments have also attracted a lot of private funding to further boost innovation.

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