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A recent survey shows that 82% of the registered U.S. voters want the National park Service to ban single-use plastics in the park area.

Recently, the well-known ocean conservation group Oceana released the results of a poll, indicating the perspective of the U.S. registered voters on different environmental issues. 

And, the good news is that the results clearly show that the U.S. voters stand strongly against plastic usage, especially, the single-use plastics. A staggering 82% of the registered voters said that they would be happy “if the National Park Service (NPS) stopped selling and distributing any single-use plastic items.”

In another question’s response, 83% of the voters said that “it was important that parks be free of plastic trash.”

Even 76% believe that plastics have no place in the country’s National Parks. 

National parks have long held a special place in Americans’ hearts, and these polling results indicate that Americans, whether Republican or Democrat, want our parks to be unmarred by the pollution caused by single-use plastic.

Christy Leavitt, Campaign Director of Oceana

A nonpartisan polling company, Ipsos conducted the survey on 1,005 U.S. citizens between November 5 to 9, 2021. You can see the complete poll results here. The poll shows a clear indication that voters supporting both parties stand united when it comes to elimination and distribution of single-use plastics in national parks. 

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