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Singapore inaugurates a hub to fight the existential threat of rising sea levels. Can innovative solutions shield the nation from impending inundation?

Singapore has inaugurated a research facility dedicated to finding enduring solutions to the looming threat of rising sea levels due to climate change, a phenomenon that puts the nation's low-lying areas at risk of flooding. 

The Coastal Protection and Flood Resilience Institute (CFI Singapore) is the brainchild of this initiative, aiming to foster expertise and innovation to counter what government officials term as an "existential threat."

According to Reuters

The environment minister of Singapore, Grace Fu, stated, "If we don't do this well, our lives are at stake." She highlighted the urgency to act as sea levels are currently increasing at a rate of around 3-4 millimeters per year. Experts predict a rise of about 1 meter by the end of this century, a situation that could worsen due to changing rainfall patterns, higher tides, and more potent storm surges.

Singapore, where nearly one-third of the land is just 5 meters or less above sea level, is already prone to flooding, given its average annual rainfall of around 2,500 millimeters. 

The government has previously undertaken measures to enhance drainage and construct flood prevention infrastructure, including seawalls, tidal gates, and revetments to guard against erosion. 

In 2020, a substantial S$5 billion ($3.66 billion) fund was established to bolster coastal and flood protection.

The newly launched CFI Singapore, a collaborative effort between PUB, Singapore's water agency, and the National University of Singapore, has initiated research projects exploring innovative solutions. 

These include the development of flexible seawalls and the utilization of natural barriers such as mangroves and seagrass to shield coastlines.

Fu expressed optimism that improved defenses against the rising sea levels would not only safeguard the existing land but also facilitate the reclamation of more territory for the "land-scarce" nation.

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