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One of the world’s biggest car rental companies, Hertz orders over 100,000 Tesla EVs. This clearly indicates the future of the automobile industry.

Hertz is one of the world’s largest rental car companies, and despite having suffered a lot due to the travel restrictions of the pandemic, the company has made a comeback with a major move into electric vehicles. 

If you’ve rented a car in recent years, then you might have noticed that EVs are hardly ever available. And even when they are, they come at a steep price. 

But Hertz has plans to change that by adding 100,000 Teslas to their fleet. 

A Treehugger report had some details on availability plans. 

“Beginning in early November, Hertz customers will be able to rent a Tesla Model 3 at Hertz airport and other locations in major U.S. markets, plus some cities in Europe. To make sure that customers don’t have any issues charging the EVs, Hertz says that it will install “thousands of chargers throughout its location network.”

It’s great to see that the company is also going to have a direct impact on making more charge points available, as this is something that a lot of people renting such cars might have a concern over. 

For most people, the range of a Tesla will probably be more than enough to cover any vacation or business trips.

Now that Hertz has made such an announcement, we’ll have to watch out for others to jump on this opportunity. 

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