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Princeton, Google, GE, and ClearPath United in Advancing Clean Energy Tech

A new coalition was created to help accelerate clean energy technology including long-duration energy storage and carbon capture.

Led by Princeton University, Google, GE, and ClearPath, the group is dedicated to helping businesses and organizations adopt low-carbon tech to make their operations more sustainable. 

According to Environmental Leader, the program was designed and launched by Princeton assistant professor Jesse Jenkins and the ZERO Lab (Zero carbon, Energy systems, Research, and Optimization). 

“One of the coalition’s goals is to pool funding and maximize research that can be done in areas ZERO Lab researchers have been working on. Those include long duration energy storage, flexible geothermal energy systems, carbon capture and sequestration and commercial fusion power plants. The founding members of the coalition were chosen based on their numerous successes in clean energy.”

For example, Google has promised to match energy demands from its data centers and offices with local carbon-free power on an hourly basis. 

GE, on the other hand, helps generate one-third of the world’s electricity. The company helped build the 998-megawatt Traverse Wind Energy Center in Oklahoma. It was the largest wind farm in North America constructed in a single phase. 

ClearPath is a non-profit that develops and advocates clean energy policies with a focus on innovation. The organization will be working with faculty members on optimizing power architectures and securing the power grid. 

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