Oslo’s Net-Zero City Focuses on Renewable Energy and Circular Economy

Oslo Science City is to become home to Norway’s prestigious research institutes, medical facilities, and innovative start-ups — all powered by green energy.

Oslo Science City is a project that aims to house 150,000 scientists, entrepreneurs, and students in a 1.4 million square meter net-zero hub within Norway's capital.

Oslo Science City was developed by companies that specialize in sustainable architecture and design like Bjarke Ingels Group and A-lab but also mobility experts CIVITAS. 

According to InHabitat, this innovative district will be home to 300 start-up companies, 7,500 researchers, 10,000 hospital employees, and 30,000 students. 

“Our design for Oslo Science City seeks to strengthen and develop the existing communities and neighborhoods while expanding the area’s diversity through new spaces to live, work and share knowledge. To manifest the identity of Oslo Science City, the elements of the master plan are tied together in a continuous loop of welcoming multifunctional buildings and spaces that open out towards the streets and create an engaging urban environment.”

Bjarke Ingels, founder and creative director of BIG

What is more, the new district will be built on renewable energy and circular economic principles that aim for net-zero emissions. 

Oslo Science City will include a new campus and center for research and innovation between the country’s leading research institute SINTEF, The Norwegian Geotechnical Institute, the Norwegian Institute for Energy Technology, the Norwegian Institute for Water Research, and the Norwegian Institute for Air Research.

However, Science City also aims to become a leader in urban planning, by smart land use and densification, as well as increasing the amount of biomass in the area. 

Apart from eco-friendly buildings, the district will include an extensive green corridor, tree planting, and emission-free mobility solutions.

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