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Following the well-established “Passive House” movement started from Europe, Australia’s first-ever passive housing project is ready to welcome residents.

The concept of passive homes is getting more and more popular around the world. First, the trend started in Germany and then other European countries soon followed the trend. 

And now, the first-ever passive housing project is ready for the green-minded residents and everyone is expecting that the project will even achieve the Passive House Plus certification. 

The particular project in Australia, Frasers Property Australia, has 40 separate houses and Sarah Bloom, the general manager of the project is delighted with the progress. 

“Now we’ve executed the application of Passive House design and construction techniques, we can look at influencing our systems and supply chains to provide a more energy efficient, sustainable standard to all our customers. If we can create these specialized products and source this expertise locally in a cost-effective way, we can work toward making these technologies part of standard home design in Australia.”

Sarah Bloom, General Manager of Frasers Property Australia 

Now, the question is — what is a passive house?

A building that can achieve excellent energy efficiency through its design concepts and features is awarded the Passive House certification. Such a house is often seen to have double or triple-glazed windows, industry-leading thermal insulation solutions, and several measures to reduce air leakage. Another, common feature of the houses is the inclusion of solar systems.

The overall goal of such housing is to minimize additional efforts to heat or cool the house in such a way that we can reduce the energy cost. 

Obviously, such a design trend is always welcome for all sustainability-minded individuals in the world. 

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