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The European-led Clean Oceans Initiative secured $4.6 billion funding to clean up plastics from the ocean.

The Clean Oceans Initiative has managed to secure additional funding to help clean up plastic waste from the world’s Oceans. The French and German development banks behind this organization have now secured a total of $4.6 billion to deal with plastic pollution. 

A report in Reuters has outlined some of the initial funding allocations. 

“The new target for 2025 builds on an initial funding goal of 2 billion euros by 2023, 80% of which has already been allocated to projects in countries including Sri Lanka, China, Egypt that will benefit more than 20 million people, the group said.”

The initial financing has focused on long-term projects to ensure that the problem is limited and not made any worse than it already is. 

Those projects involve better management of waste and wastewater, including limiting micro-plastics that are very difficult to handle efficiently. Announcements are due in the next months to highlight new projects, and it’s expected to involve funding for new technology to clean up vast areas of the sea. 

This is an urgent problem to solve, and seeing such large amounts of additional funding is welcome news. 

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