IKEA Will Buy Back Its Old Furniture From You

IKEA decides to make its buyback program permanent in 37 US stores. The plan is to make 100% new furniture from recycled and reused items by 2030.

Don’t like your IKEA dining set anymore? From April 1 you can return it to an IKEA store and even get some store credits. 

The service applies only to personally-used IKEA furniture that is fully assembled and fully functional.

The Swedish furniture and homeware chain has had Buy Back & Resell events before.

CBS Boston reports that but this time, the program becomes permanent in 37 US stores.

“IKEA said it will inspect each item for its condition, age and functionality at participating stores, and if it passes muster customers will get a store credit. The company said all “gently used” items approved for resale will be available in a designated “as is” section in stores at discounted prices.”

So how does the buyback work?

  • Fill out the form
  • Get a quote of your buyback value
  • Bring the item to the store
  • An employee will assess it and give you store credit

IKEA is operating 465 stores globally and this buyback program is part of its goal to become a circular business by 2030. 

This means producing items that are 100% made with recycled, remanufactured, refurbished, or reused materials.

Now that is some serious sustainability at work!

Nikola uses his background in electrical engineering to break down complex sustainability topics for GreenCitizen's readers. He is a firm believer in environmental conservation, which he practices daily through recycling and home-grown food. He enjoys hiking, engaging in white-water sports, and collecting pocket knives.

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