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IKEA’s new Greenwich store takes energy efficiency and sustainability into every aspect of its planning.

IKEA's new Greenwich store in the UK will become one of the Swedish furniture makers' flagship stores.

Not because of its size, but because it takes energy efficiency and sustainability into every aspect of its planning.

First of all, IKEA spent a lot of time researching the best possible location.

Not only would the site need to accommodate their huge store, but it would also have to make it easy for all staff and shoppers to get there easily by using public transport.

The goal is for 100% of the employees to travel to work every day using the local bus and rail service.

Next came energy planning.

According to Energy Live News, solar panels will cover the roof to supply a large portion of the electricity needs. And because British winters tend to be long, cold, and wet, the project planners decided to take advantage of ground source heat pumps.

They will also take advantage of all the rain that falls by collecting and treating it for onsite use.

Even the onsite restaurant reinvented itself with bamboo bowls and tables from sustainable sources.

What's particularly interesting about the project is that everything IKEA does can be carbon copied into another location.

So, all the groundwork for one store can become the blueprint for upgrades to existing and new stores.

Watch the full video from Energy Live News.

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