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Europe Plans to Amp Up Production of E-Kerosine

Europe aims to produce 1.83 million tons of e-kerosine in 2030 and save five million tons of CO2. 

According to Reuters, e-kerosene, also called synthetic kerosene, is sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). It’s made from CO2, water, and electricity sourced via renewable sources. 

SAF is extremely important for the aviation industry’s plans to lower carbon emissions. Most plans nowadays are too big to be operated by battery power.

However, SAFs are very expensive because it’s hard to come by. There’s only limited availability, so airlines are hesitant to buy it. 

“According to the European Federation for Transport and Environment (T&E), higher blending mandates - making it compulsory for all jet-fuel supplied to EU airports to contain a certain proportion of SAFs - could give investors the assurance they need to expand production.”

Production of other sustainable aviation fuels from waste oil can’t be done to the same degree as the production of e-kerosine, which makes e-kerosine the most sustainable SAF.

EU currently has fuel blending mandates as part of the European Commission's climate package. The commission hopes that e-kerosine will positively affect the market of aviation fuels and help EU block achieve net-zero emissions.

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