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Textile company Ultrafabrics has developed four new kinds of fabrics that are made from plant-based materials and can offer high durability and strength.

One of the big hurdles in the textile industry has been striking the balance of sustainability with durability. There’s no point introducing a sustainable textile if it won’t last long enough compared to existing textiles. 

But Ultrafabrics has now managed to create a material that is comparable to leather while only using plant-based and resources. The main application is for commercial use and in furniture, which could make a big difference. 

A report in Metropolis had some interesting details about one of these new products. 

“In addition to reducing dependence on the earth’s nonrenewable resources, the fabric is both REACH-compliant and SCS Indoor Advantage Gold–certified, lending itself to healthier interiors.”

There’s also news about a company called Designtex, where researchers have come up with a way to create luxurious and sustainable upholstery. Not only are the materials sustainable, but they are tough and resistant to things like bleach, alcohol, and many chemicals. 

The amazing thing is that there are many other companies that are pushing the boundaries of finding innovative new solutions that are likely to disrupt an industry plagued with environmental issues.

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