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Biden Issues Executive Order Prompting Right-to-Repair

Whether you have a cracked screen on your phone for the 3rd time this year, your washing machine needs a simple fix, or there’s something wrong with your car, we could be getting closer to a situation that makes such repairs a lot easier. 

Up until now, some manufacturers prohibited the customers to repair their tech products by themselves or using a third-party repair shop — resulting in warranty violation. People who enjoy fixing things couldn’t do it, and everyone else had to pay huge prices to get their property repaired. 

Things seem to change as the US President Joe Biden announced new executive order pointing towards Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to make rules on right-to-repair. FTC acted promptly after a 5-0 vote — the commission will start looking at repair restrictions that may violate antitrust laws.

If these latest moves by the government get fully introduced, you will have the choice to pick third-party repair services or even give it a try yourself. 

A report on CNET shared some interesting details about how this is also spreading at the state level. 

In 2021 alone, 27 states are currently considering right-to-repair legislation, according US Public Interest Research Groups. Both the Repair Association and US PIRG organizations are working with lawmakers to craft and pass right-to-repair legislation. 

Jason Cipriani, CNET

This brings a hope of ray for the tech enthusiasts and consumers in general, as they can now repair their phones without violating any warranty policy. 

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