Arizona Enacts Advanced Recycling Legislation — The 12th State To Do So

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey has signed SB 1156, a law that will enable greater adoption of advanced recycling in the state.

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey has signed SB 1156, a law that will enable greater adoption of advanced recycling.

This makes Arizona the 12th state since 2017 and the third in less than a month to adopt similar legislation.

According to the American Chemistry Council, Florida, Wisconsin, Georgia, Iowa, Tennessee, Texas, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Oklahoma have already encouraged the growth of advanced recycling by making sure these technologies have a predictable and transparent regulatory framework.

“Signing SB 1156 into law helps position Arizona as a leader in helping end plastic waste in our environment. Advanced recycling allows us to recycle greater amounts of plastics using innovative technologies. Working in tandem with mechanical recycling, advanced recycling will help us be more effective in reducing plastic waste and creating a more circular economy."

This legislation will help Arizona attract new recycling businesses and create new jobs.

For example, converting just 25% of the recoverable plastics into new products using advanced recycling could bring the state nearly $164 million in estimated economic output.

A recent report by Good Company found that air emissions from advanced recycling are no different or lower than those from facilities like hospitals, college campuses, food processing, and auto manufacturing.

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