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Air Canada made an order for 30 hybrid planes, with the first one to be operational in 2028 and able to cover short distances.

Air Canada made an order for 30 hybrid planes and announced an investment in Sweden’s Heart Aerospace. The company plans to have net-zero emissions by 2050. 

According to Treehugger, their new hybrid plane has four electric motors and lithium-ion batteries. It can fly for 125 miles with a full load in electric mode. Once the plane reaches this distance, the hybrid generators extend the range to 250 miles. It can reach 500 miles if the number of passengers is reduced to 25.
Heart Aerospace noted: "The ES-30 is a cost-efficient airplane that, on top of significant fuel savings, is cheaper to operate than a larger turboprop due to its electric propulsion. The airplane has also been designed to accommodate battery technology evolution, which will increase its fully electric range and make it even more cost-efficient over time."

The plane is scheduled to become operational in 2018, so there may be more advances that let it cover a greater distance.

Researchers believe there’s a future for short flights, and hybrid planes have benefits over other forms, such as turboprops. 

Hopefully, better ground-based transport and rail investments will follow, so the overall transport can be more sustainable.

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