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Colombian police, together with help from the US Fish and Wildlife Service, successfully rescued 1004 animals from smuggling.

Colombia’s national police successfully rescued 1004 animals from smugglers this April. The rescued animals include ocelots, birds, snakes, turtles, starfish, tarantulas, and many other species. The authorities say their total value is more than $1 million on the black market.

According to Reuters, the operation was done across the whole of Colombia, and it was supported by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service and local environmental authorities. It resulted in the arrest of 21 people.

"The national police in coordination with wildlife authorities from the United States have achieved the most important operation to safeguard protected species in Colombia," General Jorge Luis Vargas, the head of the national police, said.”

All 1004 rescued animals are now being cared for by the environmental authorities.

Colombia is known as being one of the most bio-diverse countries. Only this year, the police have rescued 5,994 animals from trafficking attempts. 

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