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New Netflix Series Shines Light on the Role of Color in Nature

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It doesn’t get much more exciting than a new Netflix docuseries that follows David Attenborough on a mission to show the role that color plays in the animal kingdom.

Life in Color is a three-part series that will show off some spectacular color shows in the water, on land, and in the air.

Collider has a preview clip and also summarized why color is so important in nature.

Each episode of Life in Color revolves around a unique relation between colors and animal behavior. “Seeing Color” is all about color as part of communication, used by animals to attract attention, win a mate or even fight enemies, by creating messages we are incapable of perceiving by the naked eye.”

David Attenborough has this unique ability to make even the most complex things in science and nature easy to understand. And his accent and tone of voice captivate people.

What I love about this new series is that it takes a completely new look at nature that will encourage you to admire every colorful plant and animal life.

Life in Color is now available on Netflix, and I’d be surprised if people don’t get through the series in a single night. 

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