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New Jersey Starts The First Round of Plastic Bans

Marina Maletic

November 24, 2021
New Jersey Starts The First Round of Plastic Bans

You’ll no longer be able to get a plastic straw with any drink in New Jersey.

The state is trying to lower plastic pollution, so restaurants, coffee shops, convenience stores, and other places that sell food are only allowed to give out plastic straws when customers specifically request them.

According to WasteAdvantage Magazine, this is only the first among several measures that present the nation’s wide-ranging ban on disposable plastic products.

Next is the ban on carry-out plastic bags, which is scheduled to happen on May 4, 2022. Apart from plastic bags, plates, takeout cartons, and food containers made of Styrofoam will also be banned.

“Straws are not going to disappear overnight from our sweeps,” said Cindy Zipf, executive director of Clean Ocean Action, a nonprofit environmental advocacy group. “It’s something that’s going to take time for both restaurants and customers, but we’ll have a healthier planet, healthier oceans and healthier people at the end of it.”

Thousands of volunteers in Clean Ocean Action do the beach cleanup every day, and according to them, plastic straws and stirrers are the most commonly found pieces of trash.

More than 10,000 plastic straws were picked up in only one day last year. This makes straws fifth on the list of trash collected on the stretch from Sandy Hook to Cape May.

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