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Mud Once Again Becomes Source Material For Sustainable Homes

Chris Bolt

April 9, 2021
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A Serbian architect has dared to cross the line of stepping back in time when it comes to sourcing eco-friendly building materials. And it turns out that there are surprising benefits from using mud in the same way as it has been for thousands of years.

A project called Earth Architecture has tried to revive not only the traditional building materials but also the techniques to further reduce the impact the construction has on nature and our climate.

According to Vice, what is surprising about the approach is while these building materials are ancient, the structures you can build with them can take any kind of modern shape or form.

While the labor costs involved are higher, these types of materials tend to be cheap to source and offset some of the expenses.

Where the real savings come is in the cooling of the buildings.

Mud houses provide some natural ventilation and protection from heat, which drives down running costs.
It’s also possible to add insulating materials to protect from cold winter conditions. And this would be no different from what you would need to do with traditional brick and mortar construction techniques.

Watch the full video from Vice below.

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