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This modern Hobbit House is a home that was built from the ground up in a fully sustainable and eco-friendly way.

Some call it the modern Hobbit House, while others think it would be more at home in a Disney or other theme park.

But Jasmine and Simon have managed to build a home from the ground up in a fully sustainable and eco-friendly way, according to Great Big Story.

What is most remarkable is that they achieved this by gathering up all the building materials from stuff they found or were easily able to make with what nature provides.

The materials include stones, mud, clay wood, straw bales, and the entire home cost them less than £3,000 ($4,000).

While the initial house was small, their experience using nature as a building material supplier has given them everything they needed to make a sizable expansion.

And they have done so by using long-lasting materials so that the home will last for generations.

The couple has also invested a lot of time and effort into being able to grow food all year round with extensive wild gardens and greenhouses that supply them with more than enough food.

What’s great about this story from Wales is that there is a broader community of people who are following the same lead to building their own modest environmental eco homes.

It’s creating the perfect harmony between humans and nature with little to no disruption to the environment.

Watch the full video from Great Big Story below.

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