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India Reinvents Green Technology Environment

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With India being one of the world’s largest countries and being home to a large pool of tech-savvy young people, it’s no surprise that there is huge growth in the clean technology sector.

One of the big problems in such a large country has been that established companies, startups, universities, and government agencies didn’t have an environment where they could easily share experiences and collaborate. 

Green Tech Media has reported some of the background to this disconnection.

“The network of cleantech startups that exists in India today only emerged in a meaningful way within the past few years. Experts say the sector was long held back because key stakeholders were operating in silos. Universities, incubators, investors and the public sector weren’t aligned on how to incentivize innovation, discover entrepreneurs and help researchers build a business. But that’s changing. India’s enormous talent pool is now being tapped to tackle some of the country’s greatest challenges.”

Now, new companies are finding a lot more support as well as demand for dealing with everything from reduced air pollution to green energy solutions.

And with this new support network, some estimates highlight that up to 20% of all startups and incubators are working on some sort of sustainability problem.

Combining that with one of the fastest growth rates in renewable energy use, and it should be clear that India is on the right track. 

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