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Here’s a Sustainable Idea for Parents: Renting Baby Clothes

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Any parent will understand how quickly babies and toddlers outgrow their clothes. You buy plenty of new items because you probably have to wash them every day.

But within a few weeks or months, your child has had a growth spurt, and the almost new clothes no longer fit.

Many parents either keep them for the next baby, hand them down to other families, or they end up in the trash.

But a new concept of renting clothes is creeping up around the USA and in some parts of Europe.  It allows parents to rent or subscribe to a service and then receive only the amount of clothes they need. And when they’re done, the clothes will still be good enough for the next family.

Treehugger has some details of one such company.

“Circos is a Europe-based company that ships internationally and rents out clothes for babies and pregnant mothers on a pay-by-month basis. You get a basic subscription and pay for whatever items you want to rent on top of that. Circos says its pieces are used by eight to 10 families on average, which is considerably more than the typical two- to three-month lifespan of baby and toddler clothing.”

This is a truly sustainable idea that makes baby clothing so much more affordable without people having to worry about whether their used clothes will still be put to good use. 

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