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Endangered Whales Going Through a Baby Boom off East Coast

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An endangered species of whale that lives off the East Coast is having the best season for new babies in almost a decade.

The population of the North Atlantic right whale experienced high mortality and low reproduction in recent years, with numbers only about 360.

So imagine the great news when researchers announced they’ve counted 18 newborn babies in the first months of this year.

According to Fox News, the calving season for these whales began in November and could continue through the month.

“The whales are vulnerable to ship strikes and entanglement in fishing gear. They’ve been the focus of conservationists for years. Federal ocean regulators are expected to issue new rules designed to protect the whales in the coming months. The rules will change the way fishermen harvest lobsters off the East Coast.”

Apart from human activity, climate change has been a major threat to the North Atlantic right whale. As the prey moved, right whales began spending more time in areas with fewer protections from vessel strikes and entanglements.

To protect the right whales, NOAA Fisheries has regulations that prohibit approaching or remaining within 500 yards of a right whale. 

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