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Germany Invests In Stadler Electric Trains

Germany’s rail network is moving towards high-tech battery-operated trains for regional commuter services.
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Moscow Goes Electric: 1,000 Electric Buses Roam The Roads

The City of Moscow now boasts of 1,000 electric buses in its public transit fleet — the goal is to reach 100% EVs by...
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New Plans to Build Coast-to-Coast EV Charging Network

More than 50 power companies in the U.S. have joined forces in a coalition and planning to create a coast-to-coast fast-charging EV network.
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United Airlines Flies Airplane with 100% Plant-Based Fuel

The first-ever 100% bio-fuel-powered flight ferries 100 United Airlines passengers from Chicago to Washington D.C this December.
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Toyota to Build $1.29 BIllion EV Battery Plant

North Carolina will become the home of Toyota’s latest billion-dollar investment in EV battery production.
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E-Cargo Bikes Promise to Cut Carbon Emissions

Using a specially developed network of microhubs, e-cargo bikes could replace fossil-fueled delivery trucks, reducing both congestion and carbon emissions.
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Rental Car Company Moves Towards EVs, Orders 100,000 Teslas

One of the world’s biggest car rental companies, Hertz orders over 100,000 Tesla EVs. This clearly indicates the future of the automobile industry.
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Mustard-Based Aviation Fuel Can Lower Industry Footprint by 68%

New mustard-plant-based aviation fuel promises greener and cleaner air travel while boosting the economy of the US Southeast.
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First-Ever Battery-Powered Train Unveiled in Pittsburgh

World’s first battery-electric locomotive throws the gauntlet to diesel-powered trains in the race for climate-friendly freight transport.
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British Airways Operates a Flight on Recycled Cooking Oil

British Airways achieves a carbon-neutral passenger flight between London and Glasgow with the help of recycled cooking oil.
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