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Germany Invests In Stadler Electric Trains

Germany’s rail network is moving towards high-tech battery-operated trains for regional commuter services.
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LED vs. Daylighting: What’s More Efficient?

There’s more evidence that we should turn to LEDs for lightning needs and keep windows for mental well-being and happiness.
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Chinese Passive Greenhouse Technique Can Save Electricity

Traditional Chinese greenhouse technique helps to grow fresh veggies in winter without needing a single watt of electricity. Canadian Farm benefits from it!
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New “Smart-Roof Coating” Can Save Energy All Year Round

Scientists have developed a new smart roof coating that can keep your house warm in winter and cool in summer without the need for...
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Birmingham City Is Recycling Trees to Generate Electricity

With the aim to reduce post-Christmas waste, Birmingham City Council is offering a free Christmas tree recycling service to create clean biomass electricity.
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United Airlines Flies Airplane with 100% Plant-Based Fuel

The first-ever 100% bio-fuel-powered flight ferries 100 United Airlines passengers from Chicago to Washington D.C this December.
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Solar Farms Built on Landfills are Helping Regenerate Fields

Solar farms are being built on landfills, which helps turn brownfields into green and provides a cheap source of energy to communities.
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New Innovation Aims To Remove Microplastics From Water

A team of Indonesian research team has a new prototype of a filtration system that can separate microplastics from ocean water.
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E-Cargo Bikes Promise to Cut Carbon Emissions

Using a specially developed network of microhubs, e-cargo bikes could replace fossil-fueled delivery trucks, reducing both congestion and carbon emissions.
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Is Mushroom-Based Leather High Fashion’s Next Big Thing?

The leather industry is not eco-friendly at all and causes suffering to animals. Now scientists have a new material — calfskin made from mushroom...
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