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30 Earth Day Crafts That Are so Genius Your Kids Will Obsess Over Them

Find all the inspiration you need to keep kids entertained on Earth Day and get them involved in celebrating this important day for the...
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This Smart Kettle Saves Energy Using Water Controls and Temperature Regulators

Jacob Alm Andersson and Alexandra Fransson designed The Blue Project, an electric kettle that promotes a more sustainable use of energy and water.
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The Different Ways the Beauty Industry Is Going Green

Sustainability is a big thing in the beauty industry today, as companies are adjusting to sustainable practices. Here are several ways on how they're...
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45 Essential Earth Day Tips on What You Can Do To Celebrate This Important Day

April 22 is not only GreenCitizen's anniversary — it's also Earth Day. Use these tips to help you celebrate this momentous day together with...
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37 Guilt-Free Vegan Keto Recipes That Are Healthy For You and the Environment

In this article, we’ll show you how to replace meat, dairy, and eggs with much more sustainable and Earth-friendly, low-carb, vegan varieties. Delicious recipes...
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Norwegian-designed Treehouse Integrates With Nature In A Creative Way

Norwegian designers have developed a treehouse with real living space around a living pine tree.
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Celebrate ‘Plastover’ By Giving Up Single-use Plastic For Passover

For this year's Passover, the arts and culture non-profit Reboot is appealing to people to give up single-use plastic.
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7 Reasons for Creating Your Own Self Sufficient Garden This Spring

An autonomous garden can help you become environmentally active and save you cash in the long run. Here are other great reasons why you...
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Melbourne Home Has Set the Standard for Zero-Waste Urban Living

Joost Bakker's home in Melbourne, called Future Food System, was built on a zero-waste principle of urban living.
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Hamilton Is the First Massachusetts Town That Mandates Composting

The town of Hamilton, Massachusetts is soon to become the first in the state to mandate composting for all residents.
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