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LED vs. Daylighting: What’s More Efficient?

There’s more evidence that we should turn to LEDs for lightning needs and keep windows for mental well-being and happiness.
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New “Smart-Roof Coating” Can Save Energy All Year Round

Scientists have developed a new smart roof coating that can keep your house warm in winter and cool in summer without the need for...
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SSMC’s Indicators Report Offers Solutions to Housing Crisis

The nonprofit SSMC published an in-depth Indicators Report focusing on the rising housing crisis and probable solutions to the problem in San Mateo County....
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Mustard-Based Aviation Fuel Can Lower Industry Footprint by 68%

New mustard-plant-based aviation fuel promises greener and cleaner air travel while boosting the economy of the US Southeast.
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Large Herbivores Can Prevent and Mitigate Wildfires

A group of international researchers found that wild animals can stop and prevent forest fire by grazing the grass, bushes, and shrubs.
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Here’s Why We Need 1.5 Degree Lifestyle & How to Achieve It

The system is bad, but our lifestyles leave an equally huge carbon footprint. This is why we need to make more sustainable choices every...
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Carbon Air Capture Not a Dream Anymore

The number of projects that capture CO2 directly from the air is growing, but the high cost still prevents the widespread use of these...
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Adding Rock Dust to Soil Helps It Soak and Trap More Carbon

New research at home and abroad shows that dusting crops with finely ground rock dust helps soil trap carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.
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Biogas From Hog Waste: A Green Bonanza or Hogwash?

Is there a clean and environmentally acceptable way of turning animal farm waste into biogas without turning the whole region into a stink country?
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UN Scientists Urge to Solve Climate and Biodiversity Crises Together

Scientists from the United Nations' two organizations IPCC and IPBES collaborated and made conclusions on biodiversity and climate crises.
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