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Biden Administration Reverses Trump Plans for Alaska Oil Drilling Projects

Biden administration announced that it’ll reverse the controversial Trump-era policy of opening up vast lands in Arctic Alaska for oil drilling projects.
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UK Government Will Pay Framers to Rewild Their Lands

UK government announces large-scale nature recovery projects to conserve species, provide wildlife habitats, and restore rivers and streams.
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10 Best Eco-Friendly Laundry Detergents (2022)

Can laundry detergents damage our health and planet? Is there any eco-friendly option? Learn everything about eco-friendly laundry detergents in this blog.
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Lawsuit to Protect Arctic Polar Bears From Oil Drilling

Climate organization files a lawsuit against the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) for failing to adequately protect the arctic polar bears in...
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Giraffe Population Is Rising — A Conservationists Dream

Despite losing 90% of the habitat and being classified as a “vulnerable species”, the African giraffe population has increased 20% since 2015.
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China Announces Plan to Plant Belgium-Sized Forests!

China announces plans to plant Belgian-sized forests every year for the next five years. Also, China will expand its national parks and forest systems....
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Coastal Species Find Home On Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Scientists found that coastal species are making a permanent home on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, which stretch between California and Hawaii.
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Seaweed Snacks Helping Restore the Oceans

An innovative food company is making chips from regeneratively-farmed kelp — a carbon-trapping seaweed that is pivotal to preserving ocean ecosystems.
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Old Coal Plant Becomes a Walkable City

An old coal plant site on the outskirts of Toronto is to become a sustainable community where everything will be within a 15-minute walk...
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New Whale Species Got Discovered in New Zealand

A breakthrough scientific discovery has revealed that a stranded whale in New Zealand is a previously unknown species.
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