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Biden Administration to Restore Protection for Alaska’s Tongass Forest

Biden Administration to reverse logging and mining permission in Alaska's Tongrass forest, ensuring protection for world's largest temperate old-growth rainforest.
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Giant Pandas Are No Longer Considered Endangered Species

Chinese Ministry of Ecology and Environment released a statement in July saying that the population of giant pandas is over 1,800 in the world....
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Colorado Governor Signs a Law Banning Single-Use Plastic

Governor Jared Polis signed into law House Bill 1162 in a ceremony at the Governor’s Mansion. The law bans single-use plastic bags and polystyrene...
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A Definitive Guide to Recycle Bubble Wrap

This article discusses everything should know about how to correctly recycle bubble wrap — from can it be recycled to how and where you...
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Ocean Drone Startup Merger Results in a Prime Sea Exploration Drone

The Sofar Trident drone shoots awesome video footage, tracks waves and weather, can spot fishing and diving locations, inspect boats and infrastructure for damage,...
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The Power of Oaks

Oak trees support more life forms than any other North American tree genus, providing food or protection to animals ranging from birds to bears.
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Native Peruvian People Have Set a New Standard for Eco-Friendly Coffee

The native people of Peru have come up with a way of cultivating coffee beans without requiring any forest areas to be cleared.
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New Yorkers Delighted By Dolphins in East River

A pair of dolphins swimming in New York’s once polluted East River is strong proof that the estuary is now cleaner than it has...
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French Ocean Adventurer Designs Sailboat That Feeds on Plastic

To help with plastic waste in the oceans, a French boat racer designed a sailboat that gobbles up plastic waste and turns it into...
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Boost for Biodiversity in England’s Southern Coastal Waters

A new trawler fishing ban in England aims to make sure that a once vast kelp forest on the seabed can be restored.
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