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Carbon Recycling Tech Company Intends to Turn CO2 Waste Into Fabric

Marina Maletic

September 9, 2021
Carbon Recycling Tech Company Intends to Turn CO2 Waste Into Fabric

Reports show that the steel industry is among the three biggest producers of carbon dioxide. A carbon recycling tech company, LanzaTech, uses CO2 to create products to address this issue.

According to Green Biz, they recently partnered with Lululemon, an athletic apparel retailer, and started producing yarn and fabric from carbon emissions.

“Here’s how it works: LanzaTech captures pollution from industrial sources — for example, greenhouse gas produced by a steel mill in China, the source for the Lululemon fabric. In a process similar to beer brewing, Lanzatech converts the greenhouse gas into ethanol. Then it passes that ethanol onto project partner India Glycols Limited, a petrochemical manufacturer that turns the ethanol into monoethylene glycol, a chemical normally made from fossil fuels. Lastly, one other partner, Far Eastern New Century, a Taiwanese textile producer,  converts the monoethylene glycol to polyester.”

The most important part is that this process doesn’t pull fossil carbon from the ground.

Lululemon plans to sell clothes made from 100% sustainable materials by 2030. To achieve this goal, they are also investing in material innovation, such as material made from the root system of mushrooms.

The good news is, they aren’t the only ones. Adidas, Stella McCartney, and Kering are doing the same.

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