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California Recycling Operations Receive Large Boosts in Grants

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While the recycling of plastic, glass, and textiles has been continuously growing over the last decades, there is still a significant gap between the supply of recyclable waste and what companies are able to process.

And California has now issued over $10 million in grants to local recycling firms to make a bigger dent in these efforts.

A Resource Recycling report had some more details about where the funds for these grants came from.

“The program’s goals are to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create jobs in disadvantaged and low-income communities. The money comes from sales of greenhouse gas emissions allowances auctioned off by the state as part of its cap-and-trade program.”

The recipient companies have already put plans in place to extend their manufacturing capabilities, which will directly impact job growth at a time when it’s needed the most.

It’s also positive news because the funds didn’t require reallocation from other areas where they may have been needed.

By taking advantage of the cap and trade program, the state government is able to fund projects like this without having to rely on tax dollars. 

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