Five Ways to Green Your Computer Set your computer to hibernate When your computer is not in use set it to hibernate mode, this saves more energy then stand by, screen savers or shutting down your computer completely. …

Five Ways to Green Your Computer

  1. Set your computer to hibernate
    When your computer is not in use set it to hibernate mode, this saves more energy then stand by, screen savers or shutting down your computer completely. Setting your computer to hibernate when not in use actually shuts down the entire computer and stores the information on your hard drive. Computer consultants will agree this is also a safer option because your work will be saved. When you activate your computer again it requires less energy to start up then when your computer is completely shut down, but has a similar effect on your computer. Standby mode shuts down peripherals such as the monitor and hard drive, but it is still using a small amount of energy, this would be the best option if you only plan on stepping away from your computer for a few minutes.Every modern operating system has its own settings for conserving power. Take your computer to a computer consultant or take advantage of online PC repair services to determine the optimal energy use for your computer.
  2. Unplug computer peripherals when not in use.
    Even when electronics are turned off, a continuous current of energy often referred to as vampire energy or phantom energy is continually streaming into your electronics. Printers for example, even when they are turned off it are estimated to use 113 kilowatts hours per year of wasted energy. Simply unplugging your electronics when not in use will stop the energy flow and save energy. Using a power strip with an on and off switch will help reduce the flow of energy and protect your electronics. Save energy by switching the power strip off when not in use.
  3. Don’t replace your “old,” 2007 computer repair, optimize or replace.
    Is your computer slow, not functioning properly? Bring your computer to a computer consultant or find an online PC repair service and have them run a virus or spyware removal program, upgrade your memory, install a new operating system or replace broken hardware. Generally any computer with Pentium 4 processor and can run Windows XP should be fully functional and upgraded.  This reduces waste and is cheaper then buying a whole new system. Take advantage of virus and spyware removal services, it can significantly improve your computers function and speed.
  4. Use an online PC repair service.
    The majority of all error messages, slow computers and viruses are software related problems. Technology has come a long way in the past year and there are some excellent online PC repair services. Do you have a virus you can’t get rid of on your own? Log on to your trusted online PC repair company and have the computer consultants run their virus and spyware removal software remotely.  This will cut costs and reduce CO2 production that you would have produced driving your computer to a repair center. Online PC repair service is also an easy way to save time, money and stress.
  5. Find a socially responsible e-waste recycler.
    Electronic waste is increasing exponentially and unfortunately the common practice in the United States is to throw these electronics away or ship overseas. Do your part to find a responsible Electronic waste recycler.

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