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Airline Giant Steps Away From Single-Use Plastic

Chris Bolt

March 13, 2021
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When you think of the environmental impacts that airlines have on our planet, you usually think of carbon emissions and climate change. And while those are significant problems to solve, there is more to the story.

And British Airways is taking a major step towards tackling ecological and sustainability problems from a completely different angle.

The airline plans to completely remove single-use plastics from all flights after running a few initial trials with eco-friendly materials.

Sustainability Mag has reported some staggering details to highlight how big a difference that will make.

“With that figure amounting to over 700 tonnes of plastic, BA is significantly upping the ante for its plastics removal programme. Thus far, its initiatives have removed 25 million individual items from its flights each year, with this announcement heralded a ten-fold expansion of its ambitions.”

One thing passengers will have noticed is that the airline has switched to stirrers made of bamboo and replacing plastic wrappings for recycled paper alternatives.

Many of these actions have come from customer feedback, which has clearly indicated to the company that they need to take more sustainable actions.

With a dedicated team tackling these problems, you should notice more improvements making the news. 

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