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Two People Are Leading The Way To Save The Oceans

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Two marine biologists have teamed up to solve what might be one of the most underreported issues facing our oceans.

And a video clip from Nas Daily has some great information that I wasn’t aware of. 

First of all, it’s hard to believe that concrete is the most consumed item by humans after water.

And the problem is that concrete structures often end up at least partially in marine environments. Just think of all those flood barriers or harbor walls that have tons of submerged concrete. 

However, wherever you find concrete in water, you won’t find fish, corals, algae, or any other marine life.

What marine biologists Ido and Shimrit have done is to come up with entirely new materials to replace concrete.

And before the building industry could raise premature concerns, they managed to prove that their new material is even stronger than concrete.

The unique structure of their material provides textured surfaces and a slightly porous interior that allows micro-marine life to gain a better foothold. 

And once you get the first signs of marine flora, small fish and crustaceans won’t be far behind.

It’s simple ideas like these that can create whole new ecosystems while at the same time supporting the needs of humans.

Watch the full video from Nas Daily below.

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