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This Smart Kettle Saves Energy Using Water Controls and Temperature Regulators

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Jacob Alm Andersson and Alexandra Fransson calculated that the excess energy that comes from the overuse of electric kettles in one day is enough to keep all the streetlamps in England on for an entire night.

So they designed The Blue Project, an electric kettle that promotes a more sustainable use of energy and water.

According to Yanko Design, The Blue Project kettle uses a water controller that requires you to choose a predetermined measure before filling the kettle up.

“Noticing that people could benefit from some constructive feedback and a sense of agency to change their habits that negatively affect the environment, visual regulators and controllers fill out The Blue Project kettle to help users use less energy when handling electric appliances like a tea kettle.”

In addition to controlling the amount of water you need, the Andersson’s and Fransson’s tea kettle features a temperature regulator that increases in resistance as you crank up the temperature.

This gives you a tangible source of feedback to show that higher temperatures require an increase in resources.

As a final touch, the kettle comes with a digital display that reveals a date when you’ve compensated resources for the kettle’s manufacturing — through responsible water and energy use. 

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