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There’s Now A Profitable Way To Mine Carbon Out Of The Atmosphere And Turn It Into Diamonds

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One of the latest renewable tech startups called Sky Mining has made a breakthrough in processing man-made diamonds.

According to Reuters, Founder Dale Vince took a unique approach to an industry that has long been attracting negative attention.

Not only are mined diamonds the cause of unimaginable human suffering, but they also cause lots of ground and air pollution.

And Sky Mining’s solution has managed to create eco-friendly diamonds that have a net carbon negative effect on the atmosphere.

Dale has spoken a lot about how their processes filter CO2 out of the atmosphere and use highly efficient methods to extract the carbon.

That carbon is then pressurized to create real diamonds.

Now, it’s correct to point out that each diamond contains only a tiny amount of carbon, and even on a large scale, this wouldn’t be a game-changing solution.

But you also have to factor in the huge carbon emissions that result from traditional diamond mining operations.

The best part of this news is that the process depends entirely on renewable energy sources, and the company can profitably produce diamonds. 

Ultimately, it’s an environmentally friendly and conflict-free alternative that still provides a fantastic sparkle.

Watch the full video from Reuters below:

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