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The Simplest Recycling And Upcycling Ideas Are Always The Best

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I love finding new and exciting ways to avoid non-recyclable materials and reuse things that would just end up in the trash. 

But I’ve never had so much fun watching a compilation of dozens of ideas to save the environment as I did with a short video clip.

Surprisingly, the YouTube video from Blossom that I found supposedly contained ten ways to save the environment, but I lost count after about 20. So I decided to share some of the most practical ones.

First up, a quick way to determine whether you can recycle a plastic lid or container is to simply look at the color.

If it’s clear or white, then in most cases, it’s good to go into your blue bin. Just make sure you avoid the black types of plastic.

Another great idea is to stop using all those soaps, shampoos, and shower gels. Switch to bars of soap and shampoo to eliminate tons of plastic altogether.

A similar thing to start doing is to use loose tea leaves. This can reduce those foil wrappers that individual tea bags come in. 

Many people also don't realize that plastic film wrapping can’t go into your recycling bin. Try using paper instead or, even better, multi-use containers.

Finally, what I’ve started doing with all the apple cores that would head for the compost is to ferment them in sugar and water for two weeks to make a homemade apple cider vinegar. It couldn’t be any easier.

Watch the full video from Blossom below.

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