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The Future Of Innovative Eco-Friendly Materials

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Recent developments in producing new sustainable materials are going to make some big changes in how large industries can prevent some significant waste issues.

The eco-friendly shoe company Allbirds has announced that they have developed a new shirt material made from discarded crab shells. They source the shells from the crab meat industry in Canada. 

One of the main advantages is that the shell-based material has antimicrobial properties that keep clothes fresh for longer.

And rum maker Bacardi is taking the first steps to change the bottles they use. Instead of using glass, they have plans to switch to biodegradable bottles.

These will completely break down in compost, soil, and water, which could become a blueprint for all bottles.

EcoWatch has also reported how Burger King is taking steps for reusable packaging. 

“Fast food giant Burger King plans to launch reusable Whopper boxes and soda cups by next year. Partnering with TerraCycle's zero-waste packaging division Loop, Burger King will nudge customers to return the specialized packaging for hygienic washing and reuse, similar to how milk bottles used to be returned.”

This could be the first major step in one of the most polluting parts of the food industry. 

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