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Taking The Trash Out Of Restaurant Deliveries

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There’s good news for anyone who has been concerned about restaurant takeout food using up so many single-use containers.

A simple and at the same time innovative idea has taken off in the Bay Area, where dozens of restaurants have committed to implementing a reusable container service.

If you’ve tried to reuse the single-use containers, then you’ll understand how quickly you end up with more of them you could possibly store.

ABC7 News Bay Area has reported on how a Bay Area startup company called Dispatch Goods has created the foundation for a zero-waste restaurant delivery solution.

And here’s how it works.

You order your food from participating restaurants, and they deliver all the food to you in entirely reusable containers. Even the insulated bag is reusable.

Then, when you order the next time, you hand over the old containers simultaneously as your new delivery arrives.

Yes, it’s that simple.

The company then brings the used containers to a commercial cleaning service, and they are ready for restaurants to use again.

The founders have seen a significant uptick in demand during the pandemic, and it looks like this has found a lot of appeal among the more eco-conscious population of the Bay Area.

Watch the video from ABC7 News Bay Area below:

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