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Smart App Promises To Speed Up Solar Panel Application


One of the major bottlenecks for the growth in solar panel installations has been getting state and local government approvals. But a promising new system for automating a lot of this work is now set to speed things up a lot. 

Up until now, this has been a paper application process that could take weeks and, in some cases, even months to get the necessary approval. Only then are you able to call out an installation company. 

But with an ever greater push to bring more Americans to renewable energy, there will need to be over 3 million new solar installations by 2026. 

And such old-fashioned bottlenecks are simply a barrier to this progress. 

A report in had some interesting details about the progress of solar panel installations. 

After 40 years of growth, America reached 1 million solar installations in 2016, 2 million in 2019, and 3 million in 2021. With the help of SolarAPP+, the U.S. will double its solar installations to 6 million by 2026.

Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA)

The potential is significant for the U.S. economy as well. With that many new solar installations, there could be an additional 30,000 or more jobs ready to launch and revive local economies at a huge scale. 

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