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Simple Ideas For Sustainable Business Operations

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Most business owners have taken at least some steps towards becoming more sustainable, whether that’s with energy conservation or taking advantage of more recycling services and many other factors.

But there are some other simple ideas that can help to create more sustainable business processes and operations.

Positive News made a great point about business investments in a recent report that based its ideas on Naturesave Trust feedback.

“One of the most impactful changes a business can make is being more discerning about where they put their money. According to the campaign group Make My Money Matter, approximately £3 trillion is invested in UK pensions and much of it helps fund the fossil fuel and arms industries. Many banks and insurance companies also use their customers’ money to invest in the fossil fuel sector.”

I bet a lot of people never thought of how their investments and pensions might be supporting polluting industries.

Another suggestion is to switch to an energy provider that sources more electricity from renewables. In some countries, there are even tax breaks for making such a switch.

And then there’s the concept of creating a sustainable culture with employees to encourage positive changes like commuting on public transport, walking, and cycling, which some companies now incentivize.

The important thing to take away from this news story is that there is so much more even the smallest business can do to promote sustainability. 

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