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Reduced Travel Distances Will Shape The Future Of Tourism

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The travel industry has long been one of the most ecologically unsustainable industries, mainly due to long-haul flights.

But the current pandemic may have hit a long-needed reset button that has forced many countries into rethinking their tourism models.

The Conversation reported that the sun is setting on our old style of tourism by highlighting changes that are impacting tourism in New Zealand. 

Simply wishing for a return to normal, however, is not enough. The tourism rebuild must negotiate a delicate balance between immediate recovery and long term sustainability. A new steady-state equilibrium that generates employment and income while driving down tourism carbon emissions is required.

For anyone that has visited this amazing country, it’s clear why so many people like this vacation destination. However, North American and European tourists often have to spend over 20 hours on multiple flights just to get there.

But the pandemic will be forcing certain travel restrictions to remain in place, while regional bubbles will encourage local tourism over long-distance travel.

While there are many things to figure out to create a sustainable tourism model, this is a step in the right direction.

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